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Getting Started with the .NET MAUI Numeric Entry Control

Learn how to create and configure the Syncfusion .NET MAUI Numeric Entry control in a .NET MAUI project using Visual Studio 2022. This control provides users with an intuitive and touch-friendly interface to input numeric values in different formats. It allows the restriction of input by setting minimum and maximum values. Additionally, the control supports placeholders and includes an up-down button, making it convenient for users to adjust values.

In this video, you will learn how to add a.NET MAUI Numeric Entry control to a .NET MAUI app and how to edit values, change their formats, restrict null values, and limit values within a specific range. Additionally, I will show you how to disable editing values and how to modify the value using up-down buttons.

The .NET MAUI Numeric Entry control is designed to accept only numeric inputs. You can apply custom formats to specify precise decimal digits and add prefixes and suffixes to the entered values. Moreover, the control allows you to increase or decrease the value using the arrow keys, Page Up, and Page Down keys. Additionally, the values of the .NET MAUI Numeric Entry control are automatically formatted according to regional or cultural settings.

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