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Exporting and Importing Calendar Events in Blazor Scheduler Component

Learn how to export and import Calendar Events in the Syncfusion Blazor Scheduler component. This video demonstrates the functionalities of Exporting Calendar events as an ICS file, Exporting Calendar with a custom file name, and Importing events from another calendar.   

The Scheduler is a fully featured calendar component that allows you to manage your time efficiently. It facilitates easy resource scheduling and appointment rescheduling through drag-and-drop and resizing actions.  Many real-time applications use schedulers as an integral part, serving different purposes based on the project type. Some active applications are fare calendars, meeting room calendars, doctor’s appointment planners, and hotel room reservation calendars.  

A variety of built-in view modes are available: day, week, workweek, month, agenda, month-agenda, year, and timeline. Easily configure each view with view-specific options.    Users can create and edit events and appointments in line with a single click on the schedule cells or an appointment’s subject. Pressing Enter after the new subject text is typed in the inline text box will update and save the appointment.     

Product overview:

Tutorial video:

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