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Discussion on: Five things you should never say in a software developer interview

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Tim Titus • Edited on

If no one else will defend you, I will. I work in a Korean company where everything is "GO FAST FAST FASTER". At the same time, planning teams don't know what the hell they're doing and don't do prototyping of their UX flow, design is then delayed, features are flung here and there, added, removed, backlogged, the scope constantly changing, and by the time the project is ready to hit the development stage the completion deadline is an hour away.

This is quite similar to how it is in a badly-run agency, and in these situations if you have devs that take pride in their work and manually test edge cases as best as possible while they work, then it can be done without major issues. Of course, testing is the way to go, but there are situations where it just isn't feasible and they would rather finish the project and figure out the bugs as they are reported rather than set up tests that are torn down and redone every other day along the way.

There is also the scenario of rapid iteration in a startup environment where a pivot could mean all your tests need to be redone. In a perfect world, we would all do TDD.