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Developer Month

             Welcome to’s Developer Month 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬
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Woot, woot!✨ has launched Developer Month!❤️

To celebrate the thriving Developer Community all across the Globe we have launched’s Developer Month! Join us to celebrate creativity, innovation & collaboration among the devs in these amazing 2 months.👩‍💻👨‍💻

How you can participate?
It's super easy!!
Join our events and fun activities such as meme contest, happy hours, Twitter Giveaway and more!
Build with APIs or showcase your projects and learnings. Feel free to tag us and use the #SymblDevMonth hashtag along your journey; we would love to amplify your work!📢

How to join our Community?🌻
Join our community here.
🔗Slack Group:
🔗Twitter: @SymblDev and @symbldotai

👉 Signup on the platform:

What’s Next?

⭐Upcoming events in July


🚩July 14: Meme Contest

A one week contest hosted on slack to unleash your creativity skills! You are free to use any meme generator to create cool memes related to programming and development. The results will be announced on July 21 and top 5 submissions will receive exclusive Symbl swag.
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🚩July 15: Hackathon Ideation Session 3: Transform One Iteration

App: Extract Time-Series Analysis of Sentiments from Calls with’s Python SDK, Pandas, & Matplotlib.

🚩July 25: Giveaway

A twitter giveaway will run on's twitter handle and 3 lucky winners will be awarded a prize.
Lot of cool swags in your way! Stay tuned!!

🚩July 30: Happy Hours

Happy hours are community connect sessions hosted for fun and to initiate engagement in the community.
Get a chance to network with folks all around the globe and build lifelong connections! Cool suprises are also lined up for you.😍

. . .

⭐Highlights from June

🚩June 16: Giveaway -

A Giveaway was hosted on Twitter on 16th June. 5 Winners were rewarded with’s tshirt and exclusive stickers.

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Giveaway Link

🚩June 17: 101 -

Getting started with on Postman and common integration and use cases were discussed.
Alt Text

Link to the session

🚩June 22: Slack AMA -

We are really glad to launch’s AMA series. We had with us our 1st Guest - Toshish Jawale, co-founder and CTO of
The AMA was hosted on #general channel of slack on Conversation Intelligence 101.

Alt Text

Link to the AMA discussion

🚩June 24: Visualize session -

The audience was taught the basics of as well as a demo was demonstrated on websockets and Real-Time Sentiment Analysis with Emojis was also shown.😃😐😞

Alt Text

Link to the session

🚩June 25: Developer Spotlight Series -

We are really glad to announce the first ever's Developer Spotlight Series.
We had our first guest with us - Team Tier 4 who recently won the’s Track Prize in Hackon 2.0.

Alt Text

Link to the discussion

✍🏽 By Akanksha Bhasin
May the source be with you!

Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Linkedin! ❤️

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