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Discussion on: Nevertheless, she coded: Dalia Abu Ghoush

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Sylwia Vargas

When working with a guy who doesn't accept me "Female" as his boss.

ugh so frustrating! I would love to learn more about how you deal with these kinds of situations and whether you found a way to not let them affect you (this is work in progress for me :) )

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Dalia Abu ghoush

Thank you for your question Sylwia :)

At first I was confused and didn’t know how to deal with them but then I decided to deal with them professionally and be as hard as I can to let them know that I’m here to work and I’m your boss whether you like it or not it’s your issue! I was like when I say you do 123 you do 123 NOT 321, and it worked and I got their respect eventually.
For the first couple of months it was affecting me because I felt that I have to prove myself constantly and then I said to myself this won’t work and eventually I’ll collapse and I’ll hate what I love to do!
But no matter what don’t let them put you down or say you can’t do this or that, always prove them wrong with your awesome work and let them see that you can do whatever they do and better than them, which I’m sure you can :)