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Discussion on: Arrow functions: a walkthrough and gotchas

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Sylwia Vargas Author • Edited

Hi Andras! Thank you for taking the time to write this. I initially planned to talk about this, hoisting and function expressions, execution context, etc. but realized that:

  1. this blog post is a beginning of a series called "js warm-ups" and is meant as supplement to helping people understand basic js concepts in a simple way;
  2. the blog post was getting long and therefore, potentially overwhelming for people trying to just understand what the hell arrow functions are.

I decided to split it into two (or more), this one addressing the direct need of some of my students (expressed yesterday) and the other will be published when I have time to finish it later this week. Sadly, I entitled the blog before I finished it. Just bear with me :)

I did edit the post to include the two main gotchas, though.

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András Tóth

You are right, for beginners it must be scary. That's I think an inherent problem with the learning curve of JS: first it's very flat, then there's a huge uphill mountain to grasp all the quirks and gotchas (around function pointers, this and objects, immutability of Promises) and then it's very flat again.