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Discussion on: Putting on your LinkedIn?

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Sure! Maybe I'll write a post on it 😂 and honestly - not just saying this to be modest - I've only had 2 'top posts' and I'm still not totally sure how I did it! I think tagging/writing about the most popular tags (you can view tags by popularity but definitely JS and react are up there) is the biggest factor. Use the 'manage' option to select an experience level and tweet suggestions. I'm not a big twitter user but I follow some accounts that usually retweet my posts, and definitely when the official DEV twitter shares my posts, that's huge. I try to put a lot of thought into format/using catchy cover photos and gifs throughout the posts. I generally feel like tutorials/"how tos" are the most popular topics. My only 2 'top posts' were a tutorial and an 'explainer' for beginners, so those seem like generally good categories. How-tos for things a lot of people are interested in making, and walkthroughs/explanations for some framework/algorithm/library that maybe a lot of people use but haven't had the time to deep-dive into the details of

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Cool, Thanks for the reply