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Discussion on: Advice for a struggling bootcamp grad?

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Sylvia Pap Author

Ben, thank you SO much for your comments. I am constantly amazed by the dev community overall and especially the personal involvement that the creators have. It is truly unique, reassuring, motivating.

These are all clear and actionable pieces of advice - which is surprisingly rare these days and I really appreciate it. I.e. a lot of people say "work on your bio" but don't take the time to look at it or offer anything specific.

I definitely struggle most with "playing the game" - from imposter syndrome and never wanting to feel dishonest - but I think I'm getting better with it, and obviously always challenging my beliefs about honesty and positive framing being exclusive.

Just a side note, but having successful posts on here/top 7 are still some of my favorite accomplishments and most reassuring, tangible things I can look back on when I'm feeling down about myself and qualifications. I definitely owe that to my bootcamp - blog posts are a requirement and my instructor recommended we use dev. I remember thinking I would hate writing blog posts. I thought I'd have no idea how to fill a page with my own thoughts about tech lol. But dev has showed me how easy/fun it can be to write about something you're truly passionate about, and how reassuring it is to have complete strangers from all over the world respond positively.

Anyway, thank you for the existence of DEV and of course for these specific comments :)

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Ben Halpern

Keep at it, you got this! 💪