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WEB375 Week 6

This week we learn how to set up a MySQL Database Server, including the database management systems (DBMS) architecture. These technologies are not directly visible to the client, but without databases and programming languages, websites would be very limited/static. Databases provide organized ways to store and manage information.

The following are the clients of a DBMS:

  • The database administrator needs to access the database to perform maintenance and should have access from the local machine and LAN. Although it is possible to provide access from outside the company's LAN, this may create security issues.
  • The web server must access the database to construct dynamic web pages when responding to requests from its own web clients. Developers for the website must access the database while developing and maintaining the web applications, but this is often done through the web server.

S set up a basic MySQL server by logging in as admin and stopping all firewalls. I made sure the MySQL packages were installed and checked for errors. Secured the installation by changing the root password, removing anonymous users and disabled remote login. I connected into mariadb. Created a new database table with employees and wages.

MariaDb Example

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