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Discussion on: How did you get your first software developer job?

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Sylvain GIROD

I have a BSc and a MSc, which is the "standard" thing in France (we love useless papers). It's pretty rare to see job offers with less than these requirements. You may find some with only BSc but they do pay less.
Nowadays, companies are understanding that a junior is a junior, big education or not. Hope we will get rid of the diploma requirements soon

I got my first job as a software developer when the first CTO of my company contacted me on LinkedIn. The next week I had an interview with him and the CEO, and received an offer the next day.

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Christopher Wray Author

Wow, yeah that seems like a bit of an overkill...

Your story of getting your first job sounds amazing. I hope something like that happens to me. Interviews and applications stress me out haha.