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100 Bucket List Ideas for Programmers

Technology enthusiasts often dream big, aspiring to achieve goals that push the boundaries of innovation and personal development. To help structure these ambitions, I have compiled an extensive bucket list tailored for tech aficionados. This list not only outlines various goals but also includes additional columns like "Inspiration," "How," "Year," "Status," and "Souvenir" to provide a comprehensive roadmap for your tech journey.

What's in the List?

The list covers a wide range of goals, from developing specific skills like achieving a 150 wpm typing speed to ambitious projects like building a DIY electric skateboard or bike. It includes participating in significant events, like attending a major tech conference, and milestones in personal development, such as mentoring a junior developer. Each goal is categorized for easy reference, covering areas like DIY projects, programming, development, learning, and more.


My progress in Bucket List

goal category inspiration year status souvenir
Be a contributor in a large project Development How to Open Source Like a Pro
Build a news aggregator Development Feedly
Build a physics engine Development I'm Coding an Entire Physics Engine from Scratch
Build a recommendation system Development How Recommender Systems Work (Netflix/Amazon)
Build a sentiment analysis tool Development How to Master AI-powered Sentiment Analysis in 2023?
Build an augmented reality (AR) app Development A GUIDE ON HOW TO BUILD AN AUGMENTED REALITY APP IN 2023
Build and deploy a chat server Development IRC
Create a cybersecurity tool Development Kali Tools
Create a multiplayer online game Development Dani
Create a PWA (Progressive Web App) Development PWA
Create AI Influencer Development AI influencers are getting filthy rich... let's build one
Develop a blockchain application Development Build Your First Blockchain App Using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity
Develop a cryptocurrency Development you need to create a Cryptocurrency RIGHT NOW!!
Develop a VR application Development Tutorial - Create Your First VR App on Meta Quest Headset
Develop an e-commerce website Development Next.js Commerce
Develop an open-source game engine Development GameDev in C++
Develop browser extension Development Chrome Extensions Should Scare You.
Have a project on github with 100 stars Development Linus Torvalds
Have your own tor page Development i put a DARK WEB website on a Raspberry Pi!!
Invent a Gesture-Control Interface Development Iron man
Set up a continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline Development Automate your workflow from idea to production]
Set up a Kubernetes cluster Development Why would you build a Raspberry Pi Cluster?
Sponsor open source project Development Invest in the software that powers your world
Write own database with query mechanism Development Making Our Own Database
Write Page in Static Site Generator Development Gatsby
Write Single Page Application Development React
Automate your home with Raspberry Pi project DIY I built a smarter smart home
Build a custom keyboard DIY Build your own Mechanical Keyboard… the RIGHT Way
Build a DIY electric skateboard or bike DIY I built an electric skateboard!
Build a mini arcade machine with custom games DIY The ULTIMATE DIY Arcade Machine Guide
Build a PC DIY Building a $100,000 PC for Minecraft
Build a personal cloud storage system DIY This is my Endgame - Mother Vault Server Room Update
Build a self-watering garden system with IoT DIY Arduino Garden Controller - Automatic Watering and Data Logging
Build a small autonomous car or robot DIY Fast line follower Robot
Build an underwater ROV DIY Building a DIY submarine
Building and flying an FPV drone DIY Why Should you fly Freestyle at 800mW? | FPV
Design a smart mirror with interactive features DIY DIY Smart Mirror - Full Tutorial
Design and print something in 3D DIY I Made a Robot Arm... in the Middle of my Room!
Designing your own PCB DIY PCB Creation for Beginners - Start to finish tutorial in 10 minutes
Fix broken electronics DIY ElectroBOOM
Have your own server locally DIY Why would you build a Raspberry Pi Cluster?
Implement a smart home DIY I built a smarter smart home
Make a robot arm DIY I Made a Robot Arm... in the Middle of my Room!
Open something with Flipper Zero DIY This Makes Hacking TOO Easy - Flipper Zero
Be the owner of the smartphone application Entrepreneurship VoidLog
Develop a SaaS product Entrepreneurship How I created a new SaaS Product in a day
Have your own game in the store Entrepreneurship Dani
Work in startup Entrepreneurship a day in the life of a startup engineer working from home
Polyphasic sleep for a week Entrepreneurship How sleeping 6 times a day helped the founder of WordPress build a billion-dollar company
Taking part in the Podcast Entrepreneurship Lex Fridman
Full access to the server - hack Hacking Mr. Robot
Get a bug bounty Hacking HackerOne
Hack in a Capture the Flag Contest Hacking Mr. Robot
Write malware Hacking Malware Development: Processes, Threads, and Handles
150 wpm speed typing Programming Monkeytype
Automate your daily task with Python scripts Programming Start Automating Your Life Using Python! (File Management with Python Tutorial)
Build a Twitter bot Programming How I post banger tweets with artificial intelligence // Twitter Bot Tutorial
Compile your own Linux Kernel Programming How to compile a custom Linux kernel
Create a chatbot Programming Creating a Chatbot with Deep Learning, Python, and TensorFlow p.1
Create a data visualization project using D3.js Programming Data Visualization with D3.js - Full Tutorial Course
Create a photo editing tool Programming Full Guide on How to Make a Photo Editing App
Develop a Digital Artwork Generator Programming How To Generate INSANE AI Art For Beginners (Midjourney V4 )
Develop a file encryption tool Programming Make Your Own Encryption Program
Develop a video editing software Programming I Coded a Video Editor (and it kind of sucks)
Develop a voice assistant application Programming Creating Jarvis powered by OpenAI and Python | ChatGPT
Develop smartwatch app Programming Create and Run a Wearable App on WearOS using Android Studio
Develop your own Slack/Discord bot Programming Code a Discord Bot with Python - Host for Free in the Cloud
Implement a facial recognition system Programming Build a Deep Facial Recognition App from Paper to Code
Learn a Functional Programming Language Programming Functional programming - A general introduction
Learn an archaic language Programming COBOL in 100 seconds
Learn and use Docker for containerization Programming Docker
Learn blazing fast language Programming ThePrimeagen
Learn one unusual language (e.g. Brainfuck) Programming Brainf**k in 100 Seconds
Learn quantum computing basics Programming Coding On A Quantum Computer
Master advanced algorithms and data structures (100 LeatCode) Programming My Brain after 569 Leetcode Problems
Program a custom voice-controlled home assistant Programming Creating Jarvis powered by OpenAI and Python | ChatGPT
Program a microcontroller Programming A Hacker's Guide to Programming Microcontrollers [Tutorial]
Program in Vim Programming Vim As Your Editor
Use Split Keyboard Programming Unboxing A New Keyboard!!! (Typing Test Too!)
Web scraper data Programming Industrial-scale Web Scraping with AI & Proxy Networks
Write a program in assembly Programming Tsoding
Write an NPM module Programming NPM
Write Server Side Application Programming Next.js
Write your own artificial intelligence model Programming Let's build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out.
Write your own operating system Programming Linus Torvalds
Write your own programming language Programming I made my own Programming Language
Have a private blog Teaching Dan Abramov
Lecture to students Teaching CS50 Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg - 7 December 2005
Mentor a Junior Dev Teaching How To Properly Mentor a Junior Developer
Write a paper on a tech topic and publish it Teaching Two Minute Papers
Write a technical book or ebook Teaching Writing Technical Books
Attend a major tech conference Travel CES
Take part in a hackathon Travel I Challenged Myself To Win A Hackathon
Visit Computer History Museum Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List
Visit NASA Johnson Space Center Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List
Visit National Air and Space Museum Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List
Visit The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List
Visit The Large Hadron Collider Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List
Visit The MIT Museum Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List
Visit The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Travel The Engineer’s Travel Bucket List

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The Additional Columns Explained


This column reflects what sparked the idea or desire to pursue a particular goal. It could be a person, event, book, or even a movie that ignited the passion for a specific achievement. For example, the inspiration for building a DIY electric skateboard might be a passion for sustainable transportation or a favorite tech vlogger's project.


This column suggests a timeframe or a target year for accomplishing the goal. It helps in planning and setting realistic timelines. For example, you might aim to attend a major tech conference by 2025.


Status tracks your progress. It could be 'Not Started' 'In Progress' 'Completed' or 'On Hold' This helps in keeping track of your journey and maintaining motivation.


A unique addition, this column is about commemorating the achievement. It could be a physical item, a digital badge, a blog post, or even a photo. For example, a souvenir for building a PC could be the first photo of the completed setup.


The Tech Enthusiast's Bucket List is more than just a collection of goals; it's a roadmap for personal and professional growth in the realm of technology. With the additional columns providing a framework for inspiration, methodology, timing, tracking, and commemorating achievements, this list is a dynamic tool for anyone passionate about technology.

Happy tech adventures!

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