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10 VSCode Extensions You Have To Know

As a specialist in the world of coding, you're likely always on the lookout for tools that can streamline your workflow and enhance your coding experience. Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a powerful editor that supports a multitude of extensions to boost productivity, code quality, and overall efficiency. Here are ten VSCode extensions you absolutely need to know about:

List of 10 Essential VSCode Extensions

1. GitLens β€” Git supercharged by Eric Amodio

GitLens supercharges Git within VS Code. It allows you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Git blame annotations and CodeLens. Effortlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via rich visualizations, and leverage powerful comparison commands.


2. Git Blame by Wade Anderson

This extension shows git blame information in the status bar. It's a simple yet powerful tool for quickly understanding who last modified a line of code and why.

GitHub - Git Blame

3. Prettier - Code formatter by Esben Petersen

Prettier is an opinionated code formatter that supports multiple languages and integrates with most editors. This extension enables Prettier in VS Code, enforcing consistent code style across your projects.


4. Code Spell Checker by Street Side Software

A comprehensive spelling checker for source code. Catch common spelling errors, which can be a lifesaver for code documentation and comments.

VSCode Spell Checker

5. GitHub Copilot by GitHub

GitHub Copilot is your AI pair programmer. It helps you write code faster and with fewer errors. It suggests whole lines or blocks of code as you type, helping you code more efficiently.

GitHub Copilot

6. GitHub Pull Requests and Issues by GitHub

This extension makes it easy to review and manage GitHub pull requests and issues in VS Code. It offers a seamless integration for managing your project's GitHub aspects directly from your editor.

GitHub Pull Requests and Issues

7. Thunder Client by Ranga Vadhineni

Thunder Client is a lightweight Rest API Client for VS Code. It's a handy tool for testing HTTP requests and debugging API issues right inside your editor.

Thunder Client

8. Docker by Microsoft

The Docker extension makes it easy to build, manage, and deploy containerized applications from VS Code. It integrates seamlessly with Docker and provides a smooth user experience for developers working with containers.

VSCode Docker

9. Polacode by PNP

Polacode allows you to take beautiful, Polaroid-like snapshots of your code. It's perfect for sharing code snippets in a visually appealing way.

Polacode on GitHub

10. Material Icon Theme by Philipp Kief

This extension provides a set of Material Design Icons for Visual Studio Code. It enhances the visual appeal and makes it easier to navigate your project's file structure.

Material Icon Theme on GitHub


Each of these extensions brings its own unique set of features to the table, aiming to make

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That's great recommendation, I also use Pretty TS Errors, but I wanted to create a list that does not depend on the language you work in.