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TheLearningApp Online Compiler

sye7 profile image Yasir FL45H ・2 min read

Compile and Run Any Program Online
If you are learning Java, or practicing for coding interviews, you need a fast way to run many short programs.

TheLearningApp Online IDE is best suited for your usecase. No installation needed. Works on Chromebooks and even on mobile.

If you are learning Programming, there are 3 options.

Install Coding Environment and use text editor
Install an IDE like Eclipse, IntelliJ, PyCharm
Use Online Compilers like TheLearningApp .
Each of these have different pros and cons.

Use Online Compilers like TheLearningApp .
This is the easiest option if you are getting started.

You can open TheLearningApp Android app
Open on your browser.

Select programming language from 21 different languages.

TheLearningApp will autocreate a basic file, to get started.

class TheLearningApp {
public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println("Hello TheLearningApp ");
Start editing.

Compilation happens in the background.
You can see the compilation errors in the editor itself
Once done, and no compilation errors, click ‘Run’

You can start coding in minutes. No Downloads. No installation. No path configuration.
No context switching time between text editor and the console. Everything in one place.
Very simple development environment. Just suited for the writing simple programs for learning.
Works on any browser on any device. Even on low end laptops, Chromebooks or even mobile phones.
Very easy to share code with friends or stack overflow to ask questions.
Easy to embed in your website or blog.
TheLearningApp needs internet connection to work properly. Don’t worry, if you can download a facebook profile picture, TheLearningApp will work for you.
Limited set of features. TheLearningApp achieves its simplicity by cutting down some features. So, once you want to use advanced programs like Swing or Servlets or Android, you might start using another option.


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