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Muhammad Syakirurohman
Muhammad Syakirurohman

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Help Me Find This Website

Around 4 or 5 years ago, I generated this image through a website. As far as i remember, the website name was 'flat surface shadow', but i cant find it in google.

Does anyone know what's this website now?
or maybe alternative to generate such images.

Thank you

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Muhammad Syakirurohman

Thanks for all the comments..
I found the website already.
i just mistaken the 'shader' with 'shadow' lol..

But now, i have some alternatives in the comments as well :D

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Ben Halpern

I'm curious if any of the answers people have here are it! πŸ˜„

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Grenish rai

There are plenty of image generating websites where you can generate images using ai examples:

  1. Stable Diffusion
  2. Midjourney (Discord, Free for some chances)
  3. Ideogram (Webapp, Free)
  4. Stable Diffusion XL
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Calin Baenen

I tried to look on Yandex, which is usually pretty good for these types ov searches, but all I'm finding is sites that generate shadows for objects, not generating images like the one shown in your cover-image.

It is possible your description, currently, is too vague.
If you have any other keywords, you should edit the post to reflect that.

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Lucas Eugenio

Probably no AI generated, IΒ΄ve found these ones:

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ
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Henry Dioniz

Trianglify β†’ Geometric background designer

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Liubov Vas
Also this one is pretty good