Make your own Dev.to CMS livestream - Part 4

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This is day 4 of my livecode Dev.to CMS.

Source: https://github.com/sw-yx/dev-to-cms
Demo: https://dev-to-cms.now.sh

Things covered

  • [x] Redirect to edit after posting
  • [x] Markdown preview with toggles
  • [x] Async status -> nicer UX when clicking submit


Here is the YouTube livestream (3 hours).

Dev.To embed:

Today we fixed some bugs in the codebase and found new ones!

Catch up on the Dev.to CMS LiveStream!

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Editor guide

Hi swyx, what is that alias 'gadmit' you use to commit your changes stands for?


Found it 😬

alias gadmit="git add . && git commit -m"