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Discussion on: A Look at Compilation in JavaScript Frameworks

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thanks for the shoutout Ryan! yeah i agree that the next frontier is whole-app compilation. this is ironically something that only React is even starting to think about with Server Components.

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Ryan Carniato Author

Yeah that article came out shortly after I joined the Marko team, and having not being subject to it I was like, well there is always JSX. But seriously once I started working on Marko so much of it comes down to the language, IDE support, formatting, templating hints and errors. It's so much about building that experience.

Whole app compilation is something the Marko team at eBay was looking into the past couple years and why I was so excited to join up. It might be a lesser known framework/player but it has been great working through these sort of problems and coming up with solutions. We've been creating a system for cross module analysis that we've been using to inform compilation and are ironing out using it to do compile away reactivity similar to what Svelte does on a per file basis.

What is really interesting to me is different projects seem to be working on different parts of it to see what works. There is React Server Components. There is Astro, probably the first to get progressive hydration working on top of islands. Things like Prism have optimized localized compilation and hydration better than I've seen anywhere else. Even projects like's Qwik which are less on compilation but more on the mechanical aspects of ultra granular progressive hydration, being built by both the creators of Angular and Stencil who left those projects to develop this.

It's crazy to think this far in things are still developing at this rate. But this is why I love web dev.