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15/10 Extract Data Table from Template

I was trying to extract a data table out of a template & paste to a new doc for learning purpose. It sounds like a simple task but being the newbie I am, It took me 3 days (after working hours).
1st day i got it 50% right
2nd day i got it 90%
today i finally did it 100%~ woo

Is strange that I came a little closer to success each day. What I learned:
β˜… I realize frontend is not 1 + 1 = 2, esp when it invovles javascript. The first time (in 1mth+) I encountered what I inspected was totally different to what the editor showed.πŸ˜‚

β˜…files management is important, I can't understand which styles have already been imported or overlapped, I shall look up on ways for that later.

β˜…Real working task in company is so different from just going through website tutorials, because there's gonna be a lot of files & knowing what does what & how to manage them is hard. At least I now know the difference & industry works guideline.

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