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Contribute to Swirl this Hacktoberfest. Win Swags up to $100

Hacktoberfest is halfway over, but you can still contribute to Swirl and win some swags.

We've seen an awesome response from the community and developers raising issues and PRs.

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These are the areas you can contribute towards.

1. Add in a connector or search provider to Swirl

Connect the below services to Swirl:

  1. Vespa
  2. Indeed-Search
  3. Asana
  4. Trello

2. Create an example/demo app with Swirl and publish a blog.

Create an example or demo with Swirl.

3. Create a tutorial about Swirl.

Write a blog or tutorial on Swirl that interactively guides users to do something productive and create something with Swirl.

4. Your creative idea.

Create something exciting, create an issue here, and join our Slack.

If you're new to Swirl, check out our Guide on contributing to Swirl. 👇

Check the existing issues here. This will give you an idea of where to contribute.

Existing Issues at Swirl


These are the Swags based on contribution tier. We’re offering Gift Cards (Amazon, Xbox, etc.) of your choice.

  • $100 for connectors
  • $50 for an Example/Demo with a published article.
  • $25 for a Tutorial

Community Updates

Swirl community members and contributors have created this awesome guide on how to run Swirl on GitHub Codespaces, etc.

Learn how to run Swirl on Google Colab by checking this article.

Amazing work by our community members on adding in an Algolia Search Provider. Check out the following tweet:

Follow us on Twitter/X at @SWIRL_SEARCH


We expect the contributions to be of high quality. The Swirl team and community are here to help you contribute, guide, and improve the quality of your contributions. But at the same time, we don’t expect people to copy other’s contributions. Using AI Code generator tools without your input to create contributions or content around Swirl is not encouraged. If found using such tools, it will not count towards any Swag.

Regarding examples, demos, tutorials, and articles. We’re expecting them to be of high quality, original and helpful. Using generative AI tools without your input, copy-pasting, and copying other people’s content are not encouraged and will not count towards any Swag.

Tutorials must guide users in an interactive text or video format and should result in the creation of something useful and productive with Swirl. For example, A tutorial on how to add your data source to Swirl, create or integrate Swirl with any other interesting open-source project, etc.

Thanks 🙏

Thanks for reading, and we are looking forward to your contributions. Give Swirl a star ⭐ on GitHub.

GitHub logo swirlai / swirl-search

Swirl is open-source software that uses AI to simultaneously search multiple content and data sources, finds the best results using a reader LLM, then prompts Generative AI, enabling you to get answers from your own data.



Swirl is open source software that simultaneously searches multiple content sources and returns AI ranked results.

Start Searching · Slack · Key Features · Contribute · Documentation · Connectors

License: Apache 2.0 GitHub Release Docker Build Slack Website

Swirl is open source software that simultaneously searches multiple content sources and returns AI ranked results. Prompt your choice of Generative AI using the top N results to get answers incorporating your own data.

Swirl can connect to:

  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL, Google BigQuery)
  • Public data services (Google Programmable Search Engines,, etc.)
  • Enterprise sources (Microsoft 365, Jira, Miro, etc.)

And generate insights with AI and LLMs like ChatGPT. Start discovering and generating the answers you need based on your data.

Swirl is as simple as ABC: (a) Download YML, (b) Start in Docker, (c) Search with Swirl. From there, add credentials to preloaded SearchProviders to get results from more sources.

🚀 Try Swirl with ChatGPT

Swirl with ChatGPT as a configured AI Model

Swirl with ChatGPT as a

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Nevo David


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Saurabh Rai

Ha ha Yeah! Who doesn't.

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Nathan Tarbert

Swirl is one of my new favorites! I would love to contribute!

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Saurabh Rai

Yeah!! 😀

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Nathan Tarbert

Cool, I'll make it a priority :)

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Biplob Sutradhar

Thanks for the Hacktoberfest event 🙂 🚀🌱 SWIRL @srbhr

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Saurabh Rai

Thanks, @biplobsd, for participating. Your blog is fantastic.

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Thank you @Swirl and @srbhr, learnt many things and looking forward to contribute more to Swirl😉

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Swirl for the win!!!!