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Accelerate Your Career πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» by Contributing to these 9 Repositories πŸ”₯

Explore these nine repositories to stand out in different areas of software development. Go from Junior to Senior Development.

Hello Dev Community,

I'm thrilled to present a list of nine open-source repositories spanning various software development domains.

From Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, Databases, and Backend Development. This list also touches upon API Management, Web Development, and the crucial areas of Authentication and Security.

Here's how you can navigate this roadmap:

  • Dive into 9 Open Source Repositories encapsulating the essence of varied software development fields.
    • Begin exploring the GitHub Profiles of the listed repositories.
    • Stay updated and show appreciation by ⭐️ starring these repositories on GitHub. Engage deeper by joining their Slack or Discord communities.
    • Remember, contributing to open source is akin to building in public. It's a testament to your skills and boosts your professional credibility.
  • Supplement your journey with extra resources on system design.
  • As a bonus, check our upcoming Webinar.

Open Source Repositories to Get Started

1. Swirl

❇️ Learn about Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models

Swirl Search

Give ⭐ to Swirl

Swirl, is a search platform that changes how you interact with your data.

Think of it as ChatGPT explicitly tailored for your unique datasets. Whether it's notes, code snippets, PDF files, or emails, Swirl is your go-to platform for instant, AI-driven insights.

Features that set Swirl apart:

  • Universal Search: Seamlessly search through notes, codes, docs, databases, emails, chats, logs, and more.
  • Versatile Answer Formats: Get responses in ChatGPT, BingAI, or Bard styles.
  • Time Saver: Become more efficient with instant answers, turning Swirl into your ultimate knowledge companion.
  • Personal AI-Powered Knowledge Assistant: You can build a secure, searchable knowledge base for your company, startup or personal data.

Contributing to Swirl will help you to understand and gain knowledge about:

  • AI Integration: Dive deep into the integration of AI and Large Language Models, skills in high demand today.
  • API Mastery: Learn about Application Programming Interfaces (API) and their platform integration.
  • Holistic Development: Enhance your expertise in Python, UI/UX design, and the fusion of App Development with Machine Learning.

Ready to explore?

🌟 Give Swirl a ⭐️ on GitHub!

πŸ”— :

2. Clickvote

❇️ For Understanding Full Stack Development


Give ⭐ to Clickvote

Clickvote allows you to integrate voting into any platform. Clickvote takes the hassle of building your reaction components around your content.

  • Showing real-time updates of likes, upvotes, and reviews between clients.
  • Learn about your members through deep analytics.
  • Deal with an unlimited amount of clicks per second.

It's an exciting way to learn web component development and how to integrate features and services onto different platforms. And you will learn about:

  • Integrating features and services onto different platforms.
  • Build cross-platform developer components for
    • React
    • Svelte
    • Vue, etc.

Give Clickvote a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

3. Chainlink

❇️ For Blockchain Lovers


Give ⭐ to Chainlink

ChainlinkΒ expands the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling access to real-world data and off-chain computation while maintaining the security and reliability guarantees inherent to blockchain technology.

It's written in Go, Solidity and Typescript. For people who want to learn how smart contracts work on blockchain technology.

Give Chainlink a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

4. BoxyHQ/Jackson

✴️ Understanding Secure Authentication

BoxyHQ Jackson

Give ⭐ to Jackson

SAMLΒ stands forΒ Security Assertion Markup Language. It is an XML-based open standard for transferring identity data between two parties. And SAMLJackson from BoxyHQ helps you to bring this to your enterprise.

Its features include:

  • Streamline your web application's authentication with Jackson
  • Jackson supports SAML and OpenID Connect protocols
  • Jackson offers enterprise-grade Single Sign-On
  • Enables Directory Sync through the SCIM 2.0 protocol

By contributing to SAMLJackson, you will learn about the following:

  • How to perform Secure Authentication.
  • Integrating SSO services into your application.
  • It's built-in Typescript.

Give Jackson a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

5. Firecamp

✴️ Learn how to create Application Programming Interfaces (API)


Give ⭐ to Firecamp

Firecamp calls itself the VSCode for API Development. Using Firecamp's services, you can design, develop, test, and document your APIs effortlessly.

It has a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features. It streamlines the API development workflow and enhances collaboration among team members.

Contribute to Firecamp to learn about:

  • How does API Development work?
  • How two (or more) applications communicate via APIs.

Give Firecamp a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

6. Resume Matcher

✴️ Learn about creating Python-based AI applications

Resume Matcher

Give ⭐ to Resume Matcher

Resume Matcher is an open-source tool to improve your resume with the help of artificial intelligence. It takes your resume and job description to check their similarity and tests for the readability and keywords in your resume.

It allows you to:

  • Pin-point where your resume needs to include proper keywords.
  • It gives AI-powered insights and where to improve it.
  • Improving your chances of getting your resume selected.

Contributing it would help you to:

  • Learn about Python Development
  • Understand Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Give Resume Matcher a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

7. Novu

✳️ Learn about Notification Infrastructure

Novu Infra

Give ⭐ to Novu

Novu claims to be the ultimate service for managing multi-channel notifications with a single API.

With Novu, provides features like:

  • Sending notifications through diverse channels: In-App, Push, Email, SMS, and Chat.
  • Crafting custom workflows tailored to your specific needs.
  • Defining conditions for each channel, ensuring impactful delivery to the intended audience.

Contributing to Novu would help you to:

  • Learn about how Notification Infrastructure works.
  • Learn how to build a service using Typescript and create multi-client consumers.

Give Novu a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

8. PostgreSQL

✳️ Learn about relational databases


Give ⭐ to PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL, often known as Postgres, is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) emphasising extensibility and SQL compliance. It's known for its robustness, scalability, and ability to handle large volumes of data.

It allows you to:

  • Manage and query large datasets with efficiency.
  • Extend its capabilities with custom functions using various programming languages.
  • Ensure data integrity and reliability with its ACID properties.

Contributing to it would help you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of database systems.
  • Learn about advanced SQL features and database extensibility.
  • Grasp the intricacies of database optimisation and performance tuning.

Give PostgreSQL a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

9. Redis

✴️ Explore the in-memory data structure for caching


Give ⭐ to Redis

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker. It supports various data structures such as strings, hashes, and lists. Known for its blazing-fast performance, Redis is a favourite for real-time applications.

It allows you to:

  • Store and retrieve data with lightning speed.
  • Implement caching mechanisms to optimise application performance.
  • Utilise its pub/sub capabilities for real-time messaging.

Contributing to it would help you to:

  • Learn about in-memory databases and their advantages.
  • Understand data structures and their efficient storage.
  • Delve into real-time application development and optimisation.

Give Redis a ⭐️ on GitHub. πŸ‘‡

Extra Resources

System Design

System design defines the architecture, components, and interfaces necessary to meet specific software requirements. It serves as the blueprint for the system and the project, ensuring scalability, performance, and maintainability. Mastering system design is crucial as it directly impacts any software solution's efficiency, reliability, and adaptability.

Here are some resources to get started with system design:

Roadmaps for Development

Roadmaps are an exciting way to look at the development landscape. You can take a look at Roadmaps here.

Bonus Webinar

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We're thrilled to unveil the details of Swirl's 3.0 Release! This isn't just another update; it's a transformative leap. In this release, we'll delve deep into:

Harnessing Retrieval Augmented Generation with a streamlined architecture in Swirl 3.0 - no need for vector databases, llama indices, or other complexities.

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Nathan Tarbert

Nice list @srbhr!
I’m a big fan of pretty much every project you’ve listed 🀩

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Saurabh Rai

Yes, all the projects showcase the community's hard work and dedication.

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Nathan Tarbert


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You missed Formbricks πŸ₯Ή

We're super happy to help students get into open source :)

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Saurabh Rai

Thanks for the addition, can you please state it like the format we're using in the article. I'll use in in my next one.

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done, pls check your mail :)

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Saurabh Rai

Yes, I just checked, thanks a lot!

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@srbhr thanks for including Firecamp in the list.

Btw great curation !!

Looking forward to many more blog from you :)

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Saurabh Rai

Thank you for making it. Yupp more blogs soon.

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Shravan Kumar B

@srbhr: Nice list, we should maintain projects available for open source collated in one space, to easily be found for communities or newbies.

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Saurabh Rai

Yes for sure, I'm glad that you liked it.

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Sumit Saurabh

Great article you got here!

Thanks for including Novu

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Saurabh Rai

Quick question @sumitsaurabh927: how do you handle the same notification going to multiple platforms?
E.g. An alert that goes on the Website and mobile application simultaneously?

sumitsaurabh927 profile image
Sumit Saurabh

We've a feature called Workflow to handle the entire flow of notifications across different channels. You can read more about it on our docs

You can also digest multiple notifications into one and send just one notification to the end user.

For example, in the context of social media, instead of bombarding users with a notification for every like they receive on an uploaded picture, you can 'digest' them into one notification that says 'XYZ and 99 others liked your photo'.

You can find more details on our digest documentation

Thread Thread
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Saurabh Rai

Okay thanks for the information.

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Samir Alibabic • Edited

Great article @srbhr

Nice to see some good projects, which are less known, but also need contributions and are participating in Hacktoberfest.

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Awesome List, thanks for this.

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Saurabh Rai

You're welcome

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Sabelo Mkhwanazi

Awesome thanks for sharing... Interesting list.

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Bipin Bhandari


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Welcome to the DEV Community! You can be assured you're going to find tons of amazing people here, just like you!
You're going to find many, MANY articles about basically anything you want to learn or ponder about. And, if you found something truly unique and interesting, share with us; sharing is caring! ;)

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Very interesting list. I will consider these are top priorities.
Thank you

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Saurabh Rai

Ha ha yeah! If you have sometime, try contributing and being active in the communities (Slack or Discord) if they have any. You will learn a lot and make good connections along the way.

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Jean-Paul van Houten - Bos

Im missing atleast one big one, rabbitmq falls right into this category

srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai • Edited

@vanhoutenbos, I know many are missing, but I can't have it all in a single post. There's a second version coming up soon
It's going to be focused more on:

  • System Design
  • Where can you learn them?
  • Gaining practical knowledge by contributing.
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Awsome Blog Post✨

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Saurabh Rai

Thanks mate!

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Bipin Bhandari

nice :)

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Shubhadip Bhowmik


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Kiran Krishnan

Awesome list