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Share your references with co-workers easily

Hello! If you are looking for a solution of that problem, check out my side project Linkeeper!

What Linkeeper can do for you

Save Link privately with your Inbox

Linkeeper My Links

Add a Link

Fill the form

OR, save it via Chrome Extension

Save via Chrome Extension

Link created!

Link created!

You can filter them by a tag

Filter the list with a tag

OR (nested) tags

Filter the list with nested tags

Organize links by projects

Move the link from an Inbox to a specific project

Copy your shareable project link

Copy Share project link

Done! Now, send to your co-workers!

Project link copied!

Try Linkeeper

  1. Go sign up in Linkeeper hompage
  2. Login
  3. Go install Chrome Extension
  4. Save what you've googled!

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