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How to install OBS Plugins on MacOS

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There are two ways to install OBS Plugins on MacOS.
We will be installing OBS Virtual Background Plugin in both examples. Download the zip file and extract it. Normally it should contain a bin and data folder.

Example for OBS Virtual Background Plugin:
Contents of downloaded OBS Virtual Background Plugin folder

First Method

This method is simpler but you may encounter issues when running the plugin.

Go to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/obs-studio.

If you navigate to it manually through Finder go to your user directory, right click and select Show View Options and then check the Show Library Folder checkbox as pictured below.
Show Library Folder option config

Once you are in the obs-studio folder you will find a plugins folder. If you don't find it, create it yourself. After that copy the entire folder into plugins (in my case would be obs-virtualbg which contains both the bin and data folder).

Where to put plugin folder for first method

Start OBS.

Now you might notice you get an error message as pictured below, if this happens try the second method and make sure to delete the folder you just copied from the plugins folder.

Error that can happen after using the first method of installation

Second Method

Go to the Applications folder and find your .app file. Either or another name for a modified version, I am using Stream Elements OBS so for me it is Right Click and select Show Package Contents, after that enter the Contents folder.

Add the binary

In the folder of the extension, you have extracted previously, you will find a .so file in the bin folder. Copy that file to the Plugins folder. In my case I copy to the Plugins folder. If it asks you for a password or elevated permissions provide it so it can copy the file.

Where to put binary of plugin

Add the data

To add the data we have to go to Resources -> data -> obs-plugins.

In here create a folder with the same name as the .so file. I will create a folder with the name obs-virtualbg and copy inside it the contents of the data folder from the original plugin folder.

Where to put data folder

Now close the window and start OBS. You should find that obs started with no warning and the plugin runs as it should.

OBS Plugin Running

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taufankun profile image

i have try the both of method but no one works for my OBS, i want to plugin the removal background in OBS, the problem in 1st method is, i can't find the "plugins" folder, so i create manually and not works, because it's little bit different because the removal background contains plugins and resources folder, then i try the second method, the problem is the binary and data, that's all different with my OBS contains folder, no data folder, no obs-plugin folder, so i have trouble, please if you can help, thankyou

muratkeremozcan profile image
Murat K Ozcan

Same here. Horrid user experience, free or not.