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re: What are the recent javascript technologies that I should use in my project? VIEW POST

re: Hey @Swayam what is the aim of the technologies you are looking for? QA, static analysis, error logging, message brokers? Let us know so we can bet...

Well, here I didn't exactly mean tools. I meant technology stacks. Can you give me a suggestion on that basis?


You can go with an atomic design ( approach at the frontend with React, having small components that interacts with you nodejs endpoints. If you are going to use sockets with Node you can try ( with express endpoints ( For caching messages, chat room data and such, redis ( may be pretty convenient. If you are going to handle file upload, you may want async behavior, a good open source solution that wirth to look at is the message broker RabbitMQ (

Of course, you can replace all these backend open source stuff by AWS managed services: Redis -> Elasticache, RabbitMQ -> SQS + SNS.

I suggest you also to take a look at where you will find the stack of the trending tech companies.

Thanks a lot, I will take all these stuff into consideration while building my project.

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