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From dropout to developer.

A college dropout, broke, in debt, completely clueless about life.

A well-paid Software Engineer, helping others learn to code.

Here is what made it possible:

1/ Willingness To Learn

I was/am always willing to learn.

Don't see challenges as obstacles but an opportunity to learn new things.

Growth mindset, not fixed mindset.

2/ Building Social Presence

I had an active blog from the beginning, even when I was just learning.

Don't wait to learn everything before you show your skills to the world.

Have a blog from the start.

You won't believe how many opportunities I have received just because of my blog.

Building a social presence doesn't mean having 1000s of followers. You are just putting your work out in the world.

(My blog:

3/ Law Of Average

The more you do something, more are the chances of you getting the desired result.

A friend of mine (whom I taught to code) literally gave 500+ interviews before he finally got selected.

Each failure takes you closer to success.

4/ Community

There were times when I felt like giving up but being in a community of dedicated learners helped me keep going.

Collaboration not Competition.


Was it easy? Not at all.
If there is a secret that I learned through my experience then it is this:

Consistency + Intensity


Thanks a lot for reading.

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See you next time with more valuable life and developer lessons.

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