Discussion on: An Engineer’s Rite of Passage

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Sebastian G. Vinci

On my first dev job, I was working on this sales site, and I made a change to the Thanks E-Mail, which gets automatically sent to the customer once he/she makes a purchase, and broke it, and I didn't notice.

So... for, like, 24hs the mail didn't get sent and customers got confused, started buying things again and again believing the transaction didn't work because the mail wasn't delivered.

My team had to code a job to re send the failed E-Mails after the template was fixed, and correct the duplicated purchases customers had made.

One of my teammates got really mad, but didn't hear anything from my manager at the time. Some reassuring words would have been nice. Now I look back and laugh, but at the time was really awful.

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Molly Struve (she/her) Author

Ooof breaking background workers is always rough bc you usually don't notice it right away and when you finally do, you have a mess to clean up 😝 Been there, done that!!!