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Vikash Koushik
Vikash Koushik

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We wrote an extensive beginner's guide to scrum meetings

Developers get roped into way too many meetings.

And most of them are obviously frustrated by it.

Teams that follow scrum have several meetings that help them build complex products faster and with great quality.

But the thing is, most of us hate meetings for various reasons - from unplanned agendas to "why am I in this meeting", we've heard them all.

Sure, you need to mould this process according to your team. But a lot of times teams end up changing far too many things and end up going back to square one - too many meetings and pissing off developer teams.

So, we decided to write an in-depth guide that goes through the what, who, how long, and a few best practices.

Here's the link to the guide.

I'd be happy to take in your feedback and improve on the guide so others can benefit from it.

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