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re: Hello! Great to meet you! Wow, may I know how do you manage to pick up so many languages? As I'm new, and I was quite comfortable with HTML, CSS an...

Hi! Nice to meet you too!

Javascript is like 90% of what i do all day. So the other languages i "learned" over time with sideprojects or for smaller projects at work where i could experiment a little bit. (Though im not nearly as comftable with Swift, Rails, PHP or ReasonML as i am with JS ofc)

It gets easier over time to pick up new languages, especially when they are similar to your "main" coding language.
But there are also languages that i just cannot really get the grasp of, like ObjectiveC. (tried so many times 😄).

React just takes a little bit to get used to and understand how to "think" in react components, but once you get it, its so much fun!
Have fun with React! (and Gatsby ofc)

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