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Serhii Vasylenko
Serhii Vasylenko

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AWS CloudShell

Another simple but cool announcement from AWS — AWS CloudShell.
A tool for ad-hoc AWS management via CLI directly in your browser.

I like when AWS releases something simple to understand and yet powerful. So it is not another DevOps Guru, believe me :)

  • Yes, this is similar to the shells that GCE and Azure have.
  • No, you can’t access your instances from it, so it’s not a jump server (bastion host).
  • Yes, it has AWS CLI and other tools pre-installed. Even Python and Node.js.
  • No, you can’t (well, you can, but should not) use it as an alternative to the day-to-day console on your laptop.
  • Yes, you can manage all resources from that shell as much as your IAM permissions allow you (even with SSO, which is pretty cool).
  • No, it does not support Docker.
  • Yes, you have 1 GB of permanent storage and the ability to transfer files in and out.

More Yes and No’s here:

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