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Discussion on: Why most of the developer blog posts are aiming for code newbies?

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Vani Shivanand • Edited on

True because if it's not for beginners, it has to be unique. And it's hard. It gets debatable. It doesn't get as much attention as beginner posts.

If one adds these beginners' posts in a portfolio which has got more attention, it gets value.

And people are likely to respond positively to the concepts that they are already aware of partly.

Also, many experienced ones rarely have time to browse.

In between all these, some of us do put efforts to write what we feel is relevant. But it's not easy..

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Nimrod Kramer Author

That thought came to my mind as well... In many cases, once we put something online that people might criticize, it reduces the motivation for making such an effort. I believe it is a barrier that many experience devs have. The point is that there are probably endless insights that are not being shared due to that reason. A bit sad, isn't it?

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Vani Shivanand

Yeah, it is.