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How to get Freelance Clients from LinkedIn ?

Previously I wrote a blog about How to get your First client as a Developer., in which I talked about pitching sales on LinkedIn. But the main question is How to do that?.

Well in this blog, I will talk about how I scored a GIG on LinkedIn using my strategy

1. Building Profile

Yeah, I know you have created your account and uploaded a fully charming profile pic, and wrote a self-awarding bio for yourself. But that's not enough!.

A Profile is not for showing how good looing or attractive you are, but instead it is about how good you can showcase your services and skills.

- Profile picture

"Ohh yeah, I uploaded my profile pic from that party and I look super cool alright!."

That's one of the Biggest Mistakes beginners make while building up their LinkedIn profile. You shouldn't upload any type of casual photo as your profile pic, because it represents your mindset about your work ethics.

It is the first thing a client seeks, your profile pic should speak about your mindset and behavior towards your work!.

A profile pic from the top of your head to your chest will do just fine. And also keep an eye on good clothing, It can either be a plain T-shirt or a work coat or blazer but not some party costume.

- Cover photo

Well, it is pretty much clear by the name, a Cover photo is a big banner that shows up at the top of your profile. A good way to decorate is to put all the services you provide in symbols and logos.

For example - I am MERN STACK Developer so my Cover looks like this -

My LinkedIn cover photo suyash vashishtha

It unconsciously sends a message that this guy is Full stack developer and has these skillsets.

Images play a Big role in profile as they unconsciously tell people what are you and what you can do.

- Title and Bio

The perfect way to write a Title is to Write services your Provide. Something Like this -

Frontend Developer | React JS | React Native | Mobile app developer

It is one of the major factors in setting up your profile. Whenever someone searches for these services, your name will pop up with these inputs and tell what you can do just below your name; so the potential client will get a clear hint that you might be the right guy for his Job.

In Bio you should write a brief 2-3 line paragraph about you and what you can do. But here is the catch, while in interview HR always asks a common question Tell me something about yourself ?.

Now, most people think it is time to tell a good flashback story about yourself to make a good impression in front of HR and the boss.

Well, life is not some reality show like India Got Talent or something. Telling how you did something good or struggling wouldn't make any sense. When someone asks you this question, the answer they are excepting is How are you valuable to them or what you can do for them.

So in order to write a perfect bio, you must write 2-3 lines about how you love your work and how are you passionate about it. And then list all the tools and software you use to provide those services.

- Accomplishments

In the accomplishments section, list all the personal projects you made while learning those awesome skills you have. Remember it doesn't have to be 10-12 projects. 3 Best projects are sufficient-enough to tell others how are you a good fit.

- Experience

Considering you are a beginner, you might not have a list of experience in your hand. So in that case you have to make Posts to tell them how you made those 3 Best Projects and how you know you are the right fit for the job.

With these points Profile Building is Complete.

2. Creating Posts

No this is not Facebook, I know you have a great idea of how to make posts and upload pictures on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

But here it is a little different, by a post I don't mean your personal life and happy memories.** As a part of the professional community your post should talk about your professional life instead of personal.**

Use your posts to tell the world about your achievement and all the things you have done in your Developer journey.

Make Carousals of your Projects, how you build them, what tech you used to make it real etc...

Use the right hashtags, grammar, and a noble professional caption telling how you did it. Then share it with the world to let them know there is a Diamond in a Coalmine.

*These posts are one of the biggest mediums of attracting potential clients with the same requirements. *

3. Making Connections

Connections are simply friend requests but in a professional way. More connections mean more chances of getting a client.

It is not some calculus, it is simple math, more the connections you will have, the more views you will get on your Posts. And more chances of getting leads.

Make connections with people having the same Skillset or topics and HRs from different companies. What if they get a client but they don't have time to do their work? Yeah, there is a chance they will forward it to you.

So keep making connections because once Tim Sanders said
“Your network is your net worth.”

4. Cold mail and messages

Ok, let's put it in simple words. Cold mailing simply means messaging potential clients from the front or without any prior contact.

Suppose you have a hint that maybe that guy might have a need for a graphic designer for his business, so instead of waiting for him to ask you for the gig; you make the first step and ask him if there is any work available for Graphic Designers ?.

We have to do the same but on LinkedIn. Now after doing it for months and going with Hit n Try, I found a strategy for cold mailing. With the right target and right weapon, you can shoot a Flying eagle in his eyes.

Ok ! that was a bit too much...

But yeah, I found a perfect opening for beginners to get their clients easily.

  • Step 1 - Look for a company with low employees count.
    Companies with a low employees count prefer freelancers more than full-time employees to save their expenditures. So chances of being selected automatically become high. Also as the employee's count is low that means the company is still in their initial stage that means it is easier to get work due to low standards bars.

  • Step 2 - Follow the company and make a connection with its HR or any senior. Ask them if there is any work for your niche and start the sales pitching.

  • Step 3 - Don't show them that you are in desperate need of work. Make an impression like you are casually browsing for work, but also make sure they think you have a genuine interest in the project.

  • Step 4 - After getting the work, try to complete it before the deadline with out-expectation work. This will increase your chances of getting another order from the same client.

5. What next ?

Now repeat the same strategy with a different topic and companies/clients. And make sure you leave a good impression at the end of order completion for any future work.

I hope it gave you a good idea of how to pitch sales/leads on Scary LinkedIn.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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