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What is Git? How will it help you?


What is Git?

Git is a version control system that helps you keep track of changes in your project. It is open source and distributed. Git can keep track of the smallest of changes, no matter how large your project is.

But hey, what do you mean by keep track of changes? What does a version control system mean? Don't worry, let me form words in a beginner-friendly way -

A version control system is basically a tool that helps you manage all sorts of changes to your software code. Since, Git is a version control system, it allows you to -

  1. Store all your code
  2. Manage & Track changes
  3. Makes it available for others to use

Git is a distributed version control system which makes the third point valid. This feature allows other people to access, save, and modify the source code as per their requirements. However, this doesn't affect your personal project.

How will you benefit from Git?

Now you know that Git helps you manage your code. Moreover, it also helps you upload, outsource, or store your code. There are a few cloud-based hosting services that let you do that.

GitHub! You must have heard about it. GitHub is the most popular hosting service that lets you store your personal projects, code, and open-source projects.

If you are a developer, in most cases, GitHub ends up as your portfolio. A great GitHub profile allows clients & recruiters to look at the projects you've worked on, how often you contribute, and all those metrics.

Git & GitHub combined help you -

  • Save your code for life.
  • Collaborate with other developers and work together.
  • Track changes of the project since its inception!
  • Find people working on similar projects
  • Build your Public Portfolio! C'mon!


Now that you know what Git is and how it can benefit you, I recommend you start using Git & GitHub. Whether you write a one-liner or end up making a whole project, upload every one of it on GitHub.

Climb your way up the ladder. One by One. Happy Coding! Happy Git-ting! xD.

Discussion (2)

peterwitham profile image
Peter Witham

Git has saved my butt more times than I can remember, it's all about the 'oops, I need to undo all this mess' :)

sushrutkm profile image
Sushrut Mishra Author

Haha. I totally feel you!