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The purpose of the project is to develop a website so that students can learn those programming languages which are taught in our University.
This website can help the students to learn the programming languages wherever and whenever they want to learn it. They do not have to wait for the lab turn.
The students can play quiz and use the online compiler provided on the page to run their programs and check with the given answers.
Using this automatic evaluation procedure the teacher of any particular course can evaluate and identify the student who cannot perform well and provide them with additional learning aids. This would help the student improve their grades.

The website is private to university therefore I can't share it, even if I did it still requires login.

How I built it

I developed this website with the following tools:

  • Sublime Text
  • Xampp Server
  • PHP
  • MDBootstrap
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • SQL The sublime text was used as a text editor to edit PHP files. Xampp Server was used to host the PHP files as well as the SQL server. MDBootstrap is a bootstrap addon that makes building beautiful websites even easier.

The website contains login pages for the admin(instructor) and the student. Instructors can add new courses along with questions while students can answer them. Students have some more advantages, for instance, they are provided the questions according to their semester along with study material and guidelines.

The website works on a SQL server and all the read-write operations were optimized for better performance.



Additional Thoughts

During the project I had discovered MDBootstrap that makes the website very easy to develop with modern designs and looks. hence, I liked it too much.

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Igor T • Edited

Thanks for the research! Very helpful! Can I use a your thoughts in my elearning dev cost article ?

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Sushmana Author

Sure go-ahead