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Best VS Code Extensions 2021

Hello and welcome developers in this post we are going to talk about Best VS Code Extensions. There are thousands of extensions available on Visual Studio code Marketplace. It provide you extinction for every type of development. If you want to do python development then you will get man is suitable extensions for it and if you want to do development in any other language of a work you will get a suitable extension for it. But there are some essential extensions that every developer require. Let’s get started and find out them.

What are VS Code Extensions

Visual Studio code is not a complete IDE it is only a text editor. But with the help of extensions we can convert it into a completely suitable development workplace. Extensions in vs code will help you through to compile, debug and structure your code that you have written in any language. There is also a variant of Visual Studio code which is known as Visual Studio 2019 and it is a complete integrated development environment that do not require any plugins to be installed in order to work.

How Extensions will be beneficial in VS Code

Increase Productivity: – Extensions in Visual Studio code will help you to increase your productivity.

Developer Friendly Environment: – With the help of extensions in Visual Studio code we can make it a developer friendly environment.

Automating Tasks: – They will also help you in automate several tasks which you you do regularly like running the code.

Theme Enhancement: – There are also several extensions that are themes for Visual Studio code and they will provide you a better working experience with better visual graphics.

Best VS Code Extensions for Web Development

In this section we are going to talk about best Vs code extensions for web development.

Prettier: – Prettier is a code formatting and autocompletion plugin. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, Vue, Angular, YAML, GraphQL and Markdown. If you are a web developer then this extension it is very helpful for you. It will auto complete your cold when you right and once you have written your code you can use it to format your code and give it a perfect readable style.


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