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Surjyo Bhattacharya
Surjyo Bhattacharya

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Clearing the AZ 400

This is my first attempt to writing something in the web.
I am going down to pen down my learning experience.

I went through Alan Rodrigues course on AZ 400 from Udemy.
The course content is awesome. I followed through along with the course and did the labs, this gives oneself a confidence while trying to attempt the practice questions.

The practice questions in Alans course are excellent. In addition I had purchased the practice questions from Whizlabs for AZ 400 and the explanations provided against each answers were pretty good. Along with that I also used another practice question set from Udemy from Bhuvaneswaran B . The explanations given there are also good.

A note of caution , not all practice exam courses are good and few can be misleading. At the end of the day you either you have to back your self , refer from Microsoft learn/docs or do the scenarios practically to confirm the outcome.

Comparing with other AZ series examinations, I felt AZ 400 covers a very vast range of stuff. Although it may no get very deep into the various technologies, but the range of tools and functionalities it covers is pretty large.

I had a good experience learning the new stuff!

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