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Suresh M on July 22, 2019

Hello World, A quick side project update - Eyep. Idea Inception πŸ’‘ We built WhatsMyFood, a personal food review tracking app. We spent o... [Read Full]
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I really like the layout, the animations and the fact it's dark mode.

I think a chrome extension would also be a good addition, this would allow people to grab their IP without leaving the tab they're on.


Thank you, Valentine Bott πŸ™
Yes, we are planning to do chrome extension ⚑️


Opened the website before reading this post and found out that you guys have been featured on PH. I thought that I might help you out by upvoting and when I followed PH's url, I realised that I already did upvote it before.

Btw, nice work on the frontend. It looks great, particularly the map animation!


It looks great, good job on that.
Maybe a comfortable curl endpoint would be a feature request if you're looking to hook more tech people.

ifconfig.co works for me, both from browser and with cURL. Doesn't look as nice but still functional enough for me and same endpoint from terminal and browser.


I just shared the app's link on my Facebook page and noticed that it doesn't have a preview image. Looks like the meta tags for social media are missing. You can add them for a better sharing experience, it's a good practice. You can read more about them here: css-tricks.com/essential-meta-tags...
And again, great job guys!


This is really helpful. Thanks a lot, Javascript Room.


I appreciate the simple interface, quick response, and that the animation does not prevent the IP from showing on load. The animations are background and 'extra' eye candy.

Congratulations on landing that top PH spot. I look forward to your next product release!


Yes, We don't want the animation to interrupt the user from fetching IP address.
Thanks David. We will give our best for next product πŸ’ͺ🏻


Very cool! What are you using for capturing the IP data? I looked into this once and found I had to pay for API end points if I wanted it public. Just curious.


Hey @fischgeek , thank you for asking. Here is the tech stack:

🌐IP and its location by ipstack.com/
πŸ—ΊοΈMap by Google Map & styled by snazzymaps.com/
πŸ’»Frontend - Vanilla JS & Backend - AWS Lambda

As you said, Most of the IP Geolocation API's do not expose in https in their free plan. So had to come up with AWS Lambda which will invoke the http API and serve the response to the static website in https.

Hopefully, when people love it and we get more hits every day, then we will upgrade to the paid plan and eventually remove the AWS Lambda.


It's absolutely the coolest one! Great job and very stylish frontend!


Thanks a lot for sharing in your FB page ☺️ We will update the meta tags soon.


ifconfig is a convenient one. We will add the curl capability soon ✌️


Two things:

  1. ifconfig.co is more functional but less cool;
  2. ifconfig.co doesn't support querying IPv6 or IPv4 explicitly -- if you have IPv6, it will return the IPv6 address and not the IPv4 address, which sometimes is not what you want. Try this out: curl http://rkeene.org/whatismyip; curl http://ipv4.rkeene.org/whatismyip; curl http://ipv6.rkeene.org/whatismyip

Can't you use curl -4 or curl -6 to query v4 or v6?


I use this too! I even have an alias which I use all of the time.

alias whatsmyip='curl ifconfig.co'
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