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How to Deploy StreamlitApp?

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  • Prerequisites

  • Detailed Procedure

    1. Run the command 'pip freeze > requirements.txt' (Traditional way - Not recommended due to other packages) Alternate(Recommended) way install the package a) pip install pipreqs b) open the command prompt and run pipreqs 'path of the python file' Eg:- pipreqs C:\projects\streamlit or 'pipreqs .\'
    2. Commit the app.py(code) files in to git hub repository. Refer the sample code in the Application section.

      • Application

        • Convert Image to Pencil Sketch Image

          # Image to Pencil sketch app
          import streamlit as st
          import numpy as np
          from PIL import Image
          import cv2                st.set_option('deprecation.showfileUploaderEncoding', False)
          def dodgeV2(x, y):
              return cv2.divide(x, 255 - y, scale=256)
          def pencilsketch(inp_img):
              img_gray = cv2.cvtColor(inp_img, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
              img_invert = cv2.bitwise_not(img_gray)
              img_smoothing = cv2.GaussianBlur(img_invert, (21, 21),sigmaX=0, sigmaY=0)
              final_img = dodgeV2(img_gray, img_smoothing)
          st.title("PencilSketcher App")
          st.write("This Web App is to help convert your photos to realistic Pencil Sketches")
          file_image = st.sidebar.file_uploader("Upload your Photos", type=['jpeg','jpg','png'])
          if file_image is None:
              st.write("You haven't uploaded any image file")
              input_img = Image.open(file_image)
              final_sketch = pencilsketch(np.array(input_img))
              st.write("**Input Photo**")
              st.image(input_img, use_column_width=True)
              st.write("**Output Pencil Sketch**")
              st.image(final_sketch, use_column_width=True)
        • Simple App

          import streamlit as st
          def main():
                  st.title('App Deployment')
              st.subheader("Welcome to simple streamlit app")
              st.text("Simple example")
          if __name__ == '__main__':    

3.Login to https://share.streamlit.io/ and Select the github project and file location as shown in the steps below,
- Login to https://share.streamlit.io/ using github credentials and click on 'New app'Untitled.png
- Enter the github repository, branch and file name (app.py) and click on 'Deploy'Untitled 1.png

- Once deployment is successful it will generate the url **https://share.streamlit.io/githubuser/projectname/application.py or https://share.streamlit.io/[user name]/[repo name]**
- Click on 'vertical dots' or 'manageapp' to show the details of the application log.Untitled 2.png
Untitled 3.png


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