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Underestimating rust for my Project.

Starting to notice a shift in my coding journey a few months back when I began following Theprimeagen. Rust and Vim became regulars in every video he made, and I started feeling a bit left behind.

Initially, I underestimated Rust, thinking I could learn it quickly and start a project within a week, assuming all languages share similar concepts with just syntax differences.

I was wrong. The borrow checker, lifetimes, and various data types, some of which I still grapple with, made it a challenging but ultimately worthwhile experience because now I can actually understand what is happening, unlike JavaScript, which I still think I am not good at or don't understand what is happening even if I have coded more in JS.

Breaking the Habit

I was from a JS and Python background, so when writing code, it was second nature to me to run that code every 5 minutes to check if it's working right. But now, I just need to satisfy Rust Analyzer, and it feels good when I type cargo run because I know it will work, even if it's not always the case.

Not everything is good about Rust,

for example, its compile time. For a language that promotes itself as the fastest, having so much time to compile was actually a surprise/frustrating to me.

Another thing was the memory usage of Rust Analyzer; because of this, I started using Vim as an editor (or actually, Primeagen was the reason), and I faced the same problem on how to exit Vim (which was actually written Front of Neovim).

About my Project: MechType


My objective was to develop a Tauri version of RustyVibes, a CLI designed for playing mechanical sounds during typing.

Initially, I assumed that merging Tauri and RustyVibes would be a straightforward task, but reality proved me wrong.

It became apparent that comprehending mutex and mpsc for facilitating communication between threads was essential.

Undoubtedly, RustBook was the first resource that truly captivated my interest. In my opinion, it stands out as one of the most underrated yet invaluable resources for beginners venturing into the realm of Rust.

Best Part of Rust:

The most thrilling aspect has been the joy of writing the backend. It's like every struct, enum, and method in Rust forms this interconnected Multiverse of code , which you can see in which is best Documentation experience I Ever Had.

Rust is Given me Best Experience of writing code
but need to go back to reality as still it's not very popular but still very impressive for a 9-year-old language to achieve what it achieved.
And it was Good Thing that I Underestimated Rust and Overestimated My self, otherwise , I may not have learned it.

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