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Supun Kavinda
Supun Kavinda

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How do you test your website on different browsers?

  1. Have you installed number of different browsers on your computer? If yes, what are they?
  2. Do you use any tool to test your website out? What are they?
  3. If you are using any other way, what's that?


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Raja Madhu

My working setup for development is Ubuntu 18 and I have a Windows VM installed to test the features on IE and Edge. In Ubuntu, I have installed chrome, firefox, opera.

And I use chrome developer tool - Toggle Device toolbar to test all my features related to responsive web testing.

I want to explore browserstack to see if this help in eliminating windows VM (only using for browser testing.)

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

I use Chrome and Firefox for primary testing, Edge and Opera after that, plus I check on Chrome and Firefox on my phone. I kind of which I had a Mac and an iPhone so I could test Safari, but I'm not shelling out that much money on two systems just for testing. I'm a bit lucky in that I'm not working on anything that it even makes sense to support IE for.

The only automated testing tool I use is Lighthouse (It's integrated with the Chrome DevTools under the 'Audits' tab). Beyond that, it's just the standard development tools in each browser that I use (and of course standard linting tools (ESLint, stylelint, htmllint, etc)).

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We use BrowserStack ( to test our application across the browsers. Worth exploring this option.

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Supun Kavinda Author

Thanks! Definitely going to check this out!

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Tiago Martinho • Edited on

We use lambdatest to test our application across the browsers.