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I know that in our websites we benchmark queries made to the database instead of the PHP performance.

Another thing is a microtime(true) in the beginning and end of your script, and comparing the time, then change some code to see if it produces a slowdown.

But it really depends on what you're doing with your application. It this for a website, crawler, etc?


Historically, has been the solution to profile PHP applications. However, it hasn't been updated in many years. will give you more info about it. does a great job. Pretty easy to setup. It has a trial, but it's not very expensive thereafter.

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Throughout the last year, I have worked part-time as a working student and also studied at the university. I was not the first and not the last one who has combined that during their studies, but the problem for me was, that at the end of the day I have felt absolutely exhausted mentally and physically. That caused problems with my health and motivation to continue working on my goals or anything. (yeah, “goals,” I wish I had something more specific at that time).

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