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Supun Kavinda • Edited on

Hello, what do you think about the future of Javascript? Will Svelte take place of React? Will WebAssembly make a huge difference in Front-end?

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Ask Me Anything

I don't know enough about Wasm (other than that's the abbreviation) to really give you a good answer there.

But, as for the future of JS, I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. I think there has been a lot of improvements on the language over the past few years and I think, given its popularity, we may end up seeing some of the features of TypeScript merged into the JavaScript core. Type checking and safety seem to be high on people's list of 'wants' so you never know. It wouldn't be a bad thing.

React gets a lot of hate, partly because it's Facebook, partly because it's arguably the most popular library out there, but I think the downside of it is that people use it for everything. Often it's a hammer just looking at everything like it's a nail!

However, I think there's a reason jQuery was as huge and widespread as it was: it sort of filled in the missing parts of JS and made some faffy things quite simple. I think it's similar with frameworks like Svelte and Alpine JS where they help join the dots between some things, without having to look to much larger and unnecessary solutions, such as React or Angular, etc.

I've personally used neither Svelte or Alpine, but I think they're definitely the direction front end is going: essentially gaining some of the component-driven nature of React with its templating approach, but without all the other stuff you don't need in every situation.

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Supun Kavinda

Great answer, thank you very much!