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Angular App Inbox

Modern business users increasingly demand seamless, personalized experiences. The Angular In-App Inbox notification center emerges as a solution to meet these expectations. This guide offers developers, from novices to seasoned experts, a simple walkthrough of integrating and optimizing SuprSend’s In-App Inbox within Angular applications.

GitHub Repository:
Explore the Angular Inbox service in the suprsend/ngx-suprsend-inbox repository.

Documentation can be found here.

SuprSend Inbox Example:
Try out our SuprSend Inbox Playground first.

Step-by-Step Integration:

Step 1: Install SuprSend SDK and Dependencies
Ensure compatibility with Angular versions >=12.0.0. Install SuprSend’s Angular SDK, js-inbox, and the Popper.js/core package.

npm install @suprsend/ngx-inbox @suprsend/js-inbox @popperjs/core
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Step 2: Import SuprSendInboxModule in Your Angular App Module
Incorporate the SuprSend Inbox module into your Angular app module and provide your workspaceKey and workspaceSecret.

import { SuprSendInboxModule } from '@suprsend/ngx-inbox';

  imports: [
      workspaceKey: "your workspaceKey",
      workspaceSecret: "your workspaceSecret",
export class AppModule {}
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Step 3: Identify Users for Personalized Notifications
Utilize the SuprSendInboxService to identify users and ensure personalized and targeted in-app notifications.

import { SuprSendInboxService } from '@suprsend/ngx-inbox';

export class MyComponent implements OnInit {
  constructor(private ssinbox: SuprSendInboxService) {}

  async ngOnInit() {
    this.ssinbox.identifyUser('distinct_id', 'subscriber_id');
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Integrating Toast:
Effortlessly integrate toast notifications by adding the following code snippet where you want to display the in-app inbox on your Angular UI.

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Customization Options:
Unlock extensive customization options for a tailored in-app inbox experience.

What is the Angular In-App Inbox?

The Angular In-App Inbox notification center is a dynamic and user-centric hub embedded within mobile or web applications. It is purposefully crafted to manage and showcase messages, alerts, and updates efficiently. Unlike conventional notification systems reliant solely on push notifications or emails, the In-App Inbox seamlessly operates within the application interface. Acting as a centralized repository, users can conveniently access, review, and interact with messages on their own terms.

Key Characteristics:

Real-Time Updates:
The In-App Inbox notification feed ensures users instant access to updates, guaranteeing timely delivery of critical information without relying on external channels.

User-Centric Interaction:
Facilitating engagement within the application, users seamlessly interact with notifications without disrupting the overall user experience.

Empowering tailored communication, the In-App Inbox allows businesses to deliver personalized messages, promotions, or relevant content based on user behavior and preferences.

Message Persistence:
In contrast to traditional notifications that vanish post-dismissal, messages within the In-App Inbox persist until acknowledged or dismissed by the user, ensuring vital information remains accessible.

Multi-Channel Integration:
The In-App Inbox notification feed aggregates messages from diverse channels, providing a unified platform to manage notifications originating from in-app activities, marketing campaigns, or other sources.

Enhanced User Engagement:
Contributing to heightened user engagement and retention, In-App Inboxes facilitate direct communication and interaction within the application environment.

Actionable Content:
Messages within the In-App Inbox feed incorporate actionable elements, such as buttons or links, enabling users to take specific actions directly from the notification.

Analytics and Insights:
Businesses gain invaluable insights into user behavior and engagement patterns through analytics associated with the In-App Inbox. This data informs data-driven decisions for future communication strategies. Remarkably, this channel boasts a deliverability rate of 100% with SuprSend’s out-of-box inbox.

Easy Integration with SuprSend:
Kickstart your app inbox in under 10 minutes with SuprSend. Integrate your preferred SDK, copy a few lines of code, and you’re good to go. Check the documentation for a hassle-free start.

In-App Inbox Template Documentation

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