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'npm' is not recognized as internal or external command : Solution

Supritha Ravishankar
・2 min read


When you have installed node.js on your OS but unable to run the npm commands, this blog will tell you how to fix this issue.

Let's get to it!

You might have already installed Node.js from the official website. with your respective OS. If you've not installed, click here.
Screenshot (317)

  1. To make sure that you have node installed on your computer --
    Go to your drive (C:) -> Program Files -> you should find the node folder.

  2. Copy the folder path of node
    Click on the node folder. To copy the path, you can click on the drop down symbol, then use Ctrl+C on the path OR right click on the path and then click copy address.

  3. Change settings
    Go to Control Panel -> View advanced system settings

    In the Advanced tab -> click on Environment variables
    Under System variables, click on Path and then click on edit as shown in the picture below emoji

Click on New

In the new text field appeared, paste the folder path that you copied earlier and then click on OK

You're done!
Now, you will not get any errors.

Thank you for reading!🙌

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