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What is a Video Huddle and how to implement one

Discord has set a benchmark for creating a virtual environment where people can enter an audio or video meeting for real-time sharing and collaboration, previously such tools were used mostly for meetings and not focusing on the content everyone was working on. Primarily used for gaming, it creates a sense of togetherness, enabling activities like code review, teaching, and team productivity, even when physically apart. Many tools, like Slack Huddle, came along later.

As a developer, using SuperViz SDK, you can implement a video conference at the place the participants would collaborate.

Collaboration mode is a feature that allows participants to interact with the content loaded on the web page while still on a call. It provides a huddle-like experience where the video meeting is overlaid on the same page. It can offer significant benefits in various scenarios. For instance:

How to enable or disable Collaboration mode

When using the Video SDK from SuperViz, you can enable it by changing the collaborationMode when creating a new Video Conference. The enabled flag controls the activation of collaboration mode. By default, this mode is enabled, providing a huddle-like experience. If the collaboration mode is turned off, the video conference will occupy the entire page with a familiar experience of video conferencing, altering the user experience.

collaborationMode: {
  enabled: true,
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Options for Collaboration mode

Depending on the page you are building, you will need to have the freedom to adjust your layout by setting position for the camaras, layouts and more. In this section, you will learn how to use the positioninitialView, and modalPosition to better suit your application.

Possible layout choices

To learn more about how to best utilize these options and tweak your video huddle according to your needs, check out the Video SDK documentation. It provides in-depth information on all the features and configurations available.

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