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Introducing the SuperTokens Ambassador Program.

Come empower the developer community and build a brand while contributing to open source.

Who we are:

SuperTokens is building open source authentication (as an alternative to Auth0, Firebase, and AWS Cognito). Add secure, hassle-free authentication to your app in 1 day.

We enable startups to launch quicker and focus on their core product offering.

  • We're easier to implement as we take a modular approach - making it possible to pick only the features you need for your use case. This means you need not worry about complications associated with other features (eg: SSO and OAuth if you don’t need it) and this, in turn, makes it easier to implement and manage SuperTokens.

  • Developers can own and manage their user's data.

  • SuperTokens can be run on your premise for free and also has a generously hosted tier for those who don't want to manage it themselves.

  • SuperTokens is being used by hundreds of developers across the globe.

  • Our medium-term goal is to build an open-core authentication solution that is secure, flexible, and most importantly, is very simple to use.

  • We are solving a big pain point for most developers.

At SuperTokens we love open source & developers.

Join us in our mission to advocate for the developer by sharing knowledge on security & open source-related topics through meetups, conferences, writing, webinars, and other events as a SuperTokens Ambassador.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a superTokens ambassador?

To get started as SuperTokens Ambassador, you'll get the proper support of our devRel team.

We'll help you to get on board & build up your brand.

You can contribute based on your core skills.

  • Contribute to our GITHUB repo & can deploy SuperTokens in production.

  • Writing & Creating tutorials about auth, security leveraging SuperTokens.

  • Community building activities, organize meetups & conferences.

  • Mentor developers at hackathons & conferences.

  • Write detailed technical guides on authentication.

  • Showcase the awesome hacks you build on top of our APIs.

  • Regularly engage with SuperTokens social media content and posts.

  • Provide feedback on our product and features.

Everything is on a voluntary basis.

You can do as much or as little as your schedule permits.

However, the more you do, the more rewards and perks you get!

Ambassador can join the company full-time as a developer advocate if we like your approach & contributions.

Note: If you have any better ideas, please don't hesitate to share.

Perks, Recognition, and Awards:

Recognizing ambassadors is a key thing, especially for those who'll go out of their way to create contributions and will create a positive feedback loop within the tech community.

  • Get exclusive access to our beta features.
  • Get mentorship from experts on authentication, security & open source.
  • Get access to premium swag kit and to give away at events.
  • Get recognition on SuperTokens 's social media accounts.
  • Get access to sponsorship & travel perks to events where you are speaking about the product or related topics.
  • Get direct access to our core engineering team and developers.
  • Nomination of Ambassador of the Month.
  • Get feedback from your audience with a personalized link & we will send a free SuperTokens T-shirt to every person who fills out the feedback survey.

Quality is our trademark, so great contributions will attract higher rewards.

Who can apply:

  • It's open for all developers & If you are a content creator or enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge & experience with fellow developers & tech communities & passionate about mentoring and teaching developers, then you should apply to be a SuperTokens Ambassador!
  • You want to develop your personal developer brand by improving your software engineering skills and helping the open-source community.
  • We expect you to have a basic level of familiarity with the SuperTokens or open-source before applying but we encourage you to apply if you're ready for a great ride in open source development.
  • You should have a passion for educating fellow developers.

Our ambassador program application process is very simple:

Send us an email at

For more details on the ambassador program click here link


If you have any questions, email me at

We are happy to chat. or send me DM on Twitter .

Stay Awesome,

Team SuperTokens

Discussion (6)

muhammadawaisshaikh profile image
Muhammad Awais

I have just applied πŸš€

supertokens profile image
SuperTokens Author

Thank you. we are evaluating all the entries. we'll get back to you soon.

harshitaditya1 profile image
Harshit Aditya

Applied for the program πŸ˜€πŸ‘.

tyaga001 profile image
Ankur Tyagi

Awesome Thanks

pushkarko profile image

Hi @tyaga001 I am new to such Auth development. How can I contribute and would it be useful to community?

supertokens profile image
SuperTokens Author

Hey, please send an email at

or DM @tyaga001 on his Twitter handle (@TheAnkurTyagi)