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How do you glue APIs together?

Say you want to connect two or more APIs, for example:

  • Whenever someone submits a form on our website, add their contact to HubSpot (or other CRM) and email them.
  • When someone gives a star to my repository on GitHub, send me a Telegram message.
  • Post a tweet when there's a new post on our blog.

How do you connect these different API integrations together?

Do you use some low-code platform like Zapier, n8n, or Node-RED? Or do you prefer to “glue” the code manually? Or do you have a magical framework which does the hard work for you?

And importantly, how much you like/hate your current approach, and how do you think it should work?

I am curious to know!

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Jan Vlnas

Usually, I use IFTTT for simple, personal integrations, like “When I clap to an article on Medium, post it to Twitter” or “When I like a song on Spotify, add it to a monthly playlist”.

But for production applications, I typically wire up APIs manually. Recently, I found Reshuffle library, which seems like a pretty nice approach to build workflows between APIs with code, sadly it seems the development has stopped. Do you know something similar? (Not just for Node.js, can be in any language.)