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If about 48,493,565 are working on, 1% like but 99% hate!

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I am a person who have a bitter experience on
When I have known about, it was so interest and the job as if it is dream.
Really, Excited...
Maybe, It was same to your case too.
I have made a proposal to clients job and client had replied to me.
It was a back-end development and I have so excited again because my major skill is the back-end development.
The budget was $250 and it was my first job and it was so cool job.
He had award me and he created milestone...
So I have accepted his job and said "Thank you"
As you know, if I accept the project, I have lost money as fee about 10% but it was not problem because If I finish project, I would get the money.
He said me, he will contact again tomorrow when he get API doc for task.
So I have waited with my excited mind.
Next day, he has sent message to me.
It was nightmare's message!
The message is about he found the solution to finish his job and he will not work with me.
so I decided to contact
I have opened the live chat.
Someone has accept my request and I could chat with him.
I have reported the project id and I have explained about the my situation but the only thing that I got from live chat is the fee is not refundable and they will message to client but it may not effect anything.
I have so disappointed and I have cried all day.
then, I have realized is not for freelancer and they is serving for clients.
Name is wrong!!!
It have to be!
$25 is not big money but It is problem of pride.
so I decided I will get refund the money so I have opened the dispute...
But I have got bad things than support chat from that.
he needs over 15 days to get or not get money.
One day by one day, it has gave me to much stress to work on
Don't use
You will get stress every second.
I hope your feedback.

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fairyland0926 profile image

Yes I agree with the same.

Platforms like don't guarantee anything, neither safety of your money nor reliability of people you are working with/for. All they care about is how to scam people in the pretext of breaking some rules and confiscate their money. I am not the only one who would be saying so.

spiritbro1 profile image
spiritbro1 don't ever use anymore this website is a scam take a look at this, they closed account without warning beware