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Your favorite online chart and embedding them to

First of all, here are some links to embedding charts online:

However, after carefully examining the situation, I found that we cannot do any of above here at -- my conclusion is that people are not able to embed online charts to yet, not even HTML iframes, see:

HTML Embeds for posts #1445

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Describe the solution you'd like: I'd like to see HTML embeds in addition to social sharing, along the lines of how you can embed Tweets or YouTube videos with simple HTML (plus a script or iframe, respectively).

Describe alternatives you've considered:

  • Adding oembed, Embedly, etc.
    • Isn't viable for every site, especially not ones that I contribute to but don't own.
  • Hand coding a pretty embed
    • Not enough of a reason on the user end to do this.

Additional context: Would love to include a pretty embed in a blog post that is being posted in a couple days but unfortunately it doesn't currently exist.

However, charts are the most powerful way to convey ideas -- they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hope we can have online charts in our posts soon.

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