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Hacky Friday Stuff #29.05.2020

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Links about web development, product engineering, tools and services from all over the internet.

Second-guessing the modern web
Tom MacWright explains his opinion on why he is increasingly skeptical of the emerging norm for web development to build a React single-page application, with server rendering. The two key elements of this architecture are something like:

  • The main UI is built & updated in JavaScript using React or something similar.
  • The backend is an API that that application makes requests against. This idea has really swept the internet. It started with a few major popular websites and has crept into corners like marketing sites and blogs. But has its downsides though.

In defense of the modern web
Rich Harris's followup post on Tom MacWright's "Second-guessing the modern web" publication.

Ruby. Light-weight scheduler for improved concurrency.
A proposal to introduce a lightweight fiber scheduler, to improve the concurrency of Ruby code with minimal changes.

How We Use Tailwind in Components
An example of usage Tailwind inside React components.

Tools & libraries

Announcing Kiba Pro v2 (Commercial extensions to Kiba ETL)
Kiba Pro provides vendor-supported extensions for Kiba ETL, a popular Ruby-based Open-Source solution to author and maintain data pipelines (learn more about Kiba ETL and why businesses are using Kiba ETL).
Kiba Pro v1 was soft-launched with a few select clients, so consider v2 to be the first public official release!

pry-rescue is an implementation of "break on unhandled exception" for Ruby. Whenever an exception is raised, but not rescued, pry-rescue will automatically open Pry for you.

Vite is an opinionated web dev build tool that serves your code via native ES Module imports during dev and bundles it with Rollup for production.


Full Stack Radio | 140: Evan You - Reimagining the Modern Dev Server with Vite
In this episode, Adam is talking to Evan You about Vite, a new dev server, and a build tool for modern JavaScript projects.

Frontend First | Read and Discuss: "Second-guessing the modern web"
Sam and Ryan read and discuss Tom MacWright's recent article "Second-guessing the modern web," as well as Rich Harris's response "In defense of the modern web." The articles respectively argue against and for the JavaScript-centric approach to building websites that has taken root over the past ten years and debate issues of performance, architectural complexity, and user experience.

Code[ish] | 71. Linking Data with Mulesoft
Data drives every software application, from individual projects to massive enterprise workflows. Whether that information is kept in your database, or someone else's, chances are you'll likely need to unite disparate sources to provide a useful user experience. Mulesoft can help. By providing over 150 connections to databases, third-party APIs, and other services, Mulesoft acts as a single integration point between your code and data. Becky Jaimes, a product manager at Salesforce, chats with Dejim Juang, a Master Principal Solutions Engineer at Mulesoft, to talk about the various ways to incorporate Mulesoft in your projects.


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