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I Spent 35 Hours Writing an eBook and Earned $2,723 in the First 6 Months

Have you ever dreamed of making money without having to work?

Selling Info products is a great way to make money passively. But it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in the beginning, but it’s totally worth it. A lot of people are doing it and you can do it too.

I made $2,723 in the first 6 months after launching my first eBook: How to Start a SaaS Company: A Beginner’s Guide. It may not be significant money. But earning this made me realise the endless opportunities the internet provides. This is just the beginning.
SaaS eBook earnings for the first 6 months

Your info products can be your little money-making machines once you set them up.

  • But what is an info product?
  • How much should I sell it for?
  • How do I sell them?
  • Whom do I sell them to?

You may have these questions in your head right now. Let’s answer all of these.

What is an info product?

An info product is any piece of knowledge/content that’s packaged either as an eBook, video, recording, etc.

If you think you know something that others don’t, you can put together an info product and there are countless people willing to pay you to learn what you already know!

For example, let’s say you are good at copywriting. You know how to write content that sells products. You can package all of your knowledge into an info product and start selling.

How big an info product should be?

There is no hard and fast rule here.

It can be as small as a 20-page eBook, or a 30-minute video tutorial. Or it can be as big as a 300–500 pages eBook or a full-fledged video tutorial of 8–10 hours.

Now, these are some of the important questions to consider before you start creating an info product.

Can you create an info product for every topic you know about? — Yes

Can you sell every info product you create? — Yes

But can you sell thousands of them? — Probably not.

Chances are there are many info products already created by other experts. You need a product that is unique to scale this business. You should bring something unique to the table if you want to stand out.

For example, talk about the strategies that have worked for you.

Work on something, experiment, and make it work for yourself first. Then create an info product teaching others how to do the same and replicate your success. Since you are sharing your own journey, chances are the product will sell better.

How much should you sell an info product for?

Pricing is tricky when it comes to info products.

The best way to go about it is:

  1. Research how much similar products are sold for
  2. Price your product in the same range
  3. See how it does
  4. Tweak (increase or decrease) it until you find the sweet spot that sells best

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to pricing. Keep experimenting with price and see what works best for you.

And another great way to make more sales often is to run offers every now and then. Please love discounts. Take advantage of holidays.

Where do you sell info products?

The best way to go about it is to set up your own landing page with payments integration (Stripe) and start selling. But if you don’t want to do it all on your own, there are platforms like Gumroad that make it really easy for creators.

There are many other platforms like Udemy, AppSumo, etc.

But pick one platform that provides the features you are looking for and stick with it. I currently sell my SaaS eBooks on Gumroad.

It provides everything I need:
Payments — Emails — Analytics — Affiliate program, etc

Now the big question is “Who will buy my info products”?

You should get traffic to your product to sell more of it.

How do you get traffic?

There are multiple ways to generate traffic to your product landing page. Let’s talk about 2 main ways here.

  1. One way is to have a good online presence on different social media platforms. Having credibility among your followers will make them buy your paid products. But building an online presence takes a lot of hard work, dedication, & patience. You need to establish your authority in a specific niche by sharing free content for years. I share my freelancing journey and things that helped me become successful over the years. So selling info products by building an online presence is a long process that takes time.

  2. Another popular way is to run ads. Facebook, Instagram, and Google are some of the popular platforms which provide ads service. Learn how to run effective ads to hook users onto your offer and build a killer landing page that converts.

Once you have an info product to sell, you can run great ad campaigns and start making money every single day with no effort.


Selling info products is one of the most popular ways through which people are making a shit ton of money passively!
Isn’t that a dream?

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start creating your first info product!

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