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5 Best Brightcove Alternatives You Should Switch To In 2023

Here we've reviewed the best brightcove alternatives & competitors which will be very helpful for video content owners to make the right decision.

As per Statista, the number of digital video viewers are likely to surpass 2.51 billion by 2020. In today’s digital world, video streaming has become a primary way to entertain and engage. With the user penetration expected to hit 16.9% by 2024, streaming platform providers are gearing to capitalize on an increased market share. But before you compare the various video streaming platforms on the market, narrow down what you want to achieve. In essence choose the platform that can provide the highest benefits for your business.

Brightcove is a cloud-based platform that allows publishers and broadcasters to upload, manage and monetize video content in the SaaS model. Even though it caters to all of the requirements for video content publishing, it is geared towards large publishers with high traffic and huge content catalogs.

So if you want to pick out a video streaming platform that compares to Brightcove and is more appropriate for your business vision, read on to know our opinion on the 5 best alternatives to Brightcove.

1. VPlayed - Best OTT Platform For Live & On Demand Streaming

VPlayed figures on the top of this list as an alternative for its truly white label OTT platform that works on a SaaP model. With a dedicated team of streaming technology engineers, it offers excellent customer support and upgrades. The key features of VPlayed are:

Customization - The platform can be customized fully from the frontend player to the backend dashboard including the monetization models. Unlike other services in the category, VPlayed can be used for OTT, video, audio and live streaming.

Faster Transcoding - With advanced transcoding capabilities, your videos can be made compatible with multiple formats for Web, mobile and TV. Wider reach for your platform can be achieved with faster playback and multi-device compatibility.

Dynamic Video Player - Using technology like adaptive bitrate streaming, playback on your platform will be smooth in spite of bandwidth issues and net connectivity. Enable embeddable videos for your website for branding and promotion.

Multiple Monetization - VPlayed has a wide choice of video monetization models. While SVOD platforms are common, AVOD, TVOD and catchup TV are also available. Ads can be even be inserted at the server-side or through third-party integrations.

DRM & Security - AES Encryption, Paywall integration and SSL certificates are some technologies that make VPlayed secure even for offline playback. Your videos are protected against unauthorized download and redistribution.

2. Contus Vplay - A White label VOD Solution

A fully customizable OTT solution to build an OTT platform for videos and audios that are considered a leading alternative to Brightcove. Suitable for small to mid-sized businesses, it offers a feature-packed solution to your video streaming requirements. The distinguishing features of Contus Vplay are as follows:

Cloud Infrastructure - Contus Vplay’s cloud infrastructure delivers speed and unlimited storage over its server hosted on the cloud. Server-side upgrades enable your platform to function without hitches even during the upgrades.

HLS Video Player - With low latency streaming compatible with multi-device playback, Contus Vplay makes for strong comparison against Brightcove. Also features like closed captioning and subtitling widen the reach to a multilingual and differently-abled audience.

Integrate Live Video & VOD's - Your videos can be autosaved to an online VOD library after live streaming. Through a robust CMS and recommendation engine, videos will be discoverable even after the live session is over.

Third-Party Ad Integrations - Monetize your platform as you engage more viewers through ads. Enables management, serving, and tracking an ad on the platform. Ad servers decide the relevant ads based on a target audience and revenue.

End-to-End Encryption - With the gold standard in encryption, protect your video assets from being accessed, modified or downloaded by an unauthorized user. Protection is available even for offline playback.

3. Panopto - Online Video Platform for Business

Panopto is a lecture capture/webcasting system that creates a library of videos for a public or private viewing. The platform is used by its core markets like Enterprise Learning & Development, Corporate Communications, Sales, and Higher Education. Key features of Panopto include:

Flexible Hosting - With a choice to host videos on your own servers or on a cloud, Panopto offers the flexibility to upload and manage your content.

Faster Transcoding - By using advanced integration, Panopto enables multi-bitrate streaming, ensuring fast startup and minimal buffering irrespective of the internet speed.

Deeper Analytics - Reporting dashboard provides insights into video viewing and audience watch time metrics. Reports can be customized for deeper drill down.

Integration & APIs - Customize and extend your video platform to meet the needs of existing processes and infrastructure with Panopto.

Secure Video Streams - With site-wide SSL and password requirements on Panopto login credentials, it is a secure platform to upload, manage and store your video assets.

4. IBM Cloud - End-to-End Video Streaming Platform

IBM Cloud Video offers live streaming and video solutions with advanced features for playback, marketing and security. It is a scalable, engaging and reliable platform with limited customization for player skins and personalized pages. The key features of the alternative streaming platform:

CDN Integration - It has a high CDN density enables smooth playback as it streams from a local server. IBM cloud video uses SD-CDN is used for global streaming and tailors issues at the organizational level.

Video Enrichment Tools - It aims to discover exceptional opportunities to improve profit margins, achieve efficiency and produce return-on-investment. It widens search parameters so that content owners can maximize the value of the platform.

License & Rights Enforcement - You own the video and all rights to it even after your content has been broadcast. 3rd-party branding or outside marketing will have no right to modify or remove the videos.

Cloud Transcoding - The ingest streams once uploaded is transcoded over the cloud to be compatible with multiple devices. This not just widens the reach but also enables faster streams.

In-app Dialogs - Chat on a live video converts viewers into subscribers. You can analyze the message data to know viewing trends and target a specific group or community.

5. Dacast - Live Video Streaming Services

A secure and hassle-free solution equipped with features for corporate and professional requirements. As many features are available for premium customers, Dacast is generally perceived as expensive. Its storage is capped at 20 GB. Some notable features are:

User-friendly Interface - With an easy-to-use backend dashboard, Dacast is a good choice for a beginner.

White-label Service - Dacast is also a white-label service and has limited customizability in terms of analytics.

Secure Video Hosting - With password protection, IP restrictions and SSL encryption, your videos are safe from unauthorized viewing and downloads.

Social Media Integrations - The Dacast platform is integrated with social media which makes your video assets shareable. It is the most common form of marketing tools that is used by video streaming platforms.

Multi-account Management - You can configure and edit multiple content accounts in Kaltura from a central location. But it is enabled for premium customers.

Bottom Line:

Even though Brightcove has excellent features for you to publish and monetize your videos, these 5 Brightcove alternatives can be used to fit your business model and revenue objectives. The scale of deployment differs for every business. But it pays off in a long term decision to choose a SaaP model with a comprehensive set of features.

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Praveen • Edited

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