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re: I hope I'm not late to the party, I've got some questions for you :) 1- How do you communicate with the vehicle itself? Through OBD? Straight into...

Haha, thanks for your great interest, but a little sorry for that.

You asked me many about company things, and I can't tell you any more.

But what I can say is that:

  • Usually we use CAN bus to communicate with vehicle and hardware nodes.
  • We used OpenCV to handle some vision problems, it's useful.
  • used lidar solution. It's a general solution, but expensive, thus is different with ours.

Finally, hope you will pass the interview, good luck.


Don't worry, I expected that you'd answer that, I know very well the usual secrecy around that market, but it was worth a shot anyway heh.

But thanks for your answers nonetheless :)

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